Watts Connect

The demand for smart and connected solutions is surging

and Watts has unveiled a new strategy to help meet this demand.

Go to https://www.watts.com/connect/ to find out how Watts is keeping their customers connected.

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Grundfos MAGNA3

The upgraded MAGNA3-32 medium size model expands the range of this extremely energy efficient circulator into lighter demand applications! 

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Two Wires? No Problem.

Invita™ WiFi Thermostat uses the existing 2-wires to connect the display in the living area to the HVAC Interface Module in the mechanical room.

Powers Intellistation Jr.

Upgrade to the POWERS Intellistation Jr.  The smarter, safer digital mixing valve!


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Click here to go to the Powers Intellistation Jr. webpage.

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WMS Sales, Inc.
WMS Sales, Inc.20 hours ago
WMS Sales, Inc.
WMS Sales, Inc.1 week ago
Did you know that WMS has salesmen that are trained to teach TracPipe certification training? Call us to schedule your training today!
WMS Sales, Inc.
WMS Sales, Inc.2 weeks ago
This morning the WMS team took a field trip to a job site to check out our product lines in action! We go above and beyond to learn about the products we sell!!